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Increase Income and Quality with AI & ChatGPT (For Doctors)

Revolutionize Your Medical Practice with AI-Powered Strategies and Boost Your Income and Quality of Care

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Created by MS Ansari
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Course overview

Unlock the full potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your medical practice. This comprehensive course is tailored exclusively for medical professionals, offering practical strategies to not only enhance your clinic's income but also elevate the quality of patient care.

Discover how AI can revolutionize your practice, from streamlining administrative tasks to providing valuable insights for accurate diagnosis. Learn to leverage AI-driven tools for efficient patient engagement, marketing, and document management. With hands-on guidance, you'll integrate AI seamlessly into your daily operations.

Join us in this transformative journey and stay at the forefront of healthcare innovation. Elevate your income, enrich patient experiences, and establish a strong digital presence. Enroll now and take the first step towards a more prosperous and impactful medical practice.

What will i learn?

  • Increase in clinic's revenue through AI-driven strategies
  • Enhanced quality of patient care and engagement
  • Streamlined administrative tasks for improved efficiency
  • Proficiency in using AI tools for diagnosis and document management
  • Improved online presence leading to increased visibility and patient trust
  • Ability to create engaging content for social media and patient communication
  • Implementation of AI-driven lead generation and appointment scheduling
  • Automation of routine tasks for a seamless clinic operation
  • Effective utilization of AI for creating multilingual patient forms and SOPs
  • Proficiency in leveraging AI-powered chat support for instant patient assistance
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Access to a computer or mobile device with internet connectivity
  • Familiarity with basic healthcare terminology
  • Willingness to explore and implement AI-powered tools in your medical practice
Curriculum for this course
29 Lessons 09:57 Hours of Content
Introduction to IQAI
1 Lessons 00:09:28 Hours
  • Introduction to the IQAI Coures
Artificial Intelligence
1 Lessons 00:15:23 Hours
  • 7 Fascinating Questions about AI that every doctors have
What is ChatGPT?
1 Lessons 00:34:14 Hours
  • How Can ChatGPT Revolutionize Healthcare and Your Practice
How a doctor can start using ChatGPT?
1 Lessons 00:18:25 Hours
  • How a medical professionals can start using ChatGPT?
How a Doctor Can Write Better Prompts for ChatGPT
1 Lessons 00:27:05 Hours
  • How to write better prompts for ChatGPT
How ChatGPT can help in Preliminary Disease Diagnosis
1 Lessons 00:14:40 Hours
  • How ChatGPT can help in Preliminary Disease Diagnosis
Create SOPs Using ChatGPT
1 Lessons 00:40:32 Hours
  • How to create SOPs using ChatGPT
Make Engaging PowerPoint Presentations with AI Tools
1 Lessons 00:22:17 Hours
  • How to make engaging PowerPoints with AI Tools
Start talking with your documents
1 Lessons 00:16:27 Hours
  • Talk with your pdf files using AI tools
Transform your clinics's waiting area using AI
1 Lessons 00:29:36 Hours
  • How to transform your waiting area using AI
Creating a Social Media Planner using ChatGPT and AI
1 Lessons 00:19:38 Hours
  • Creating a Social Media Calendar using ChatGPT and AI
Creating engaging Social Media Post using ChatGPT
1 Lessons 00:20:44 Hours
  • Learn to create engaging social media post using ChatGPT
Creating Images for Social Media using AI tools
1 Lessons 00:24:39 Hours
  • Learn to create attractive images using AI tools for social media
Creating Videos for Social Media using AI
1 Lessons 00:11:01 Hours
  • Learn to create an attractive video for social media using AI
AI-Infused Video Mastery with Deepbrain AI
1 Lessons 00:17:24 Hours
  • Creating Captivating Social Media Videos with Deepbrain AI
Creating Video Using AI and your own Avatar
1 Lessons 00:22:29 Hours
  • Creating videos with your own Avatar using Heygen
Master Heygen AI Video Creation Tool
1 Lessons 00:12:20 Hours
  • How to create personalized video using the Rephrase AI?
Learn to create videos with just an idea using AI
1 Lessons 00:20:30 Hours
  • How to Creating Videos With Just an Idea in Invideo Tool
Creating video with AI in Canva
1 Lessons 00:19:47 Hours
  • How create a stunning video in Canva using artificial intelligence?
Automatig Whatsapp Business APP with AI
1 Lessons 00:31:22 Hours
  • How to automate your clinic's Whatsapp Business APP with AI
Establishing a Strong Online Presence with a Website
1 Lessons 00:20:10 Hours
  • Learn to create a professional website with AI
Creating an AI Chatbot without Coding
1 Lessons 00:25:10 Hours
  • Learn to Create an AI Support Chatbot without Coding
Create High Traffic Generating Article using ChatGPT
1 Lessons 00:16:39 Hours
  • Learn to Create High Traffic Generating Article using ChatGPT
Creating Your GMB Profile using ChatGPT
1 Lessons 00:22:30 Hours
  • Creating A GMB Profile for increasing online Presence with AI
15+ AI Tools to Boost Your Online Presence
1 Lessons 00:15:13 Hours
  • These 15+ AI Tools will Boost Your Online Presence
Automating the calls in your clinic
1 Lessons 00:14:22 Hours
  • Learn to automate the call for your clinic using Exotel
Implement a Hassle Free Payment Gateway
1 Lessons 00:12:15 Hours
  • Implement a Hassle Free Payment Gateway for your clinic
Optimizing Clinic Operations with Clinic Management System
1 Lessons 00:17:24 Hours
  • Optimizing Clinic Operations with Trackify: A Comprehensive Guide
Rigomo AI for Medical Professionals
1 Lessons 00:25:23 Hours
  • Harnessing the Power of Rigomo AI: A Comprehensive Toolkit for Modern Medical Practice
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About instructor

MS Ansari

MS Ansari is a Data Scientist, Researcher and an IIT B Alumni. He also works as a disruptive technology consultant. He is the Cheif Technical Officer at Rigomo (An online learning platfrom specially designed for doctors and medical professionals).

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    Best course for Medical Practitioners
  • Rupesh Kumar
    Highly Recommended
  • Dr. Kunal
    Contents are interactive, a must do course for all doctors.
  • Alok Sinha
    The course is really nice. AI and ChatGPT nicely explained.
  • Dr Selvarajan
    The course is good. I am watching each lectures. All are informative.
  • Dr spurti
    Very informative. I've implemented several strategies from this course that have significantly improved patient management.
  • Dr pramod
    Incredible course! The AI insights are a game-changer for my clinic. Highly recommend!
  • Tushar Bhat
    A must for every medical professional! The way AI is used here to simplify complex tasks is outstanding.
  • Vikas jaiswal
    Great content! I only wish there were more interactive sessions, but overall, a great learning experience.
  • Kamlesh Kumar
    Absolutely loved the AI diagnosis module! It's changed the way I approach patient care
  • Amit Bhartiya
    The course is well-structured and easy to follow, even for someone with minimal tech experience.
  • Sitender Garg
    I'm impressed by the comprehensive content. It covers everything you need to know about AI in healthcare.
  • Gaurav Mishra
    Good insights on AI applications in healthcare. Would love more case studies in future updates.
  • Sandip Joshi
    The course exceeded my expectations! The AI tools and techniques are highly practical and useful.
  • Ashish Gandhi
    Really helpful in understanding the basics of AI and its implementation. A solid 4 stars!
  • Rajanbir Singh
    A game-changing course for healthcare professionals. My practice has benefited immensely.
  • Piyush desai
    Very enlightening. It's helped me streamline several processes in my clinic
  • Avinash Solanke
    IQAI is an innovative and essential course for the modern doctor. Highly recommended!
  • Mohd Hussain
    Useful course, especially the modules on patient engagement and digital marketing.
  • Deepak
    I've seen a noticeable improvement in my clinic's efficiency since implementing AI tools from this course
  • gagan sethi
    Informative and well-paced. A little more depth in certain areas would make it perfect.
  • Kavitha Omprakash
    This course has been a revelation! It's amazing how AI can transform healthcare practices.
  • Srinivas Raju
    A solid introduction to AI in healthcare. Gained a lot of valuable insights.
  • Shreya singh
    bahut accha course hai, sabhi doctors ko karna chahiye
  • Dr Rupesh
    Excellent course with practical applications that have revolutionized how I approach my work.
  • Dr Kaushal
    Good course with effective teaching methods. A fifth star for a bit more interaction
  • Sachin Gaikwad
  • Mohd kasim
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  • 29 Lessons
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